Delhi’s Smog Pollution Is The Result Of Peasant Farming

There’s a solution to Delhi’s horrendous smog pollution and it’s not the one you are thinking of. Forget about all those attempts to ban cars, or diesel etc. Instead they should be throwing peasant farmers off their land.

Like tens of thousands of farmers in India’s northern states of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, Satish, whose farm sits on the outskirts of the rural Haryana village of Gharaunda, had recently cleared his fields of old rice crop stubble to make way for wheat by setting it alight.

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The Ludicrous Claim That Indian Farming Is Too Mechanised

Delhi is suffering from the usual winter smog. This is not, as it might be with say Beijing, because there’s too much coal burning going on, too much industrialisation. Rather, it’s because of, at least in part, the burning of the stubble of the paddy crop. Given this difference in cause the solution is of course different. On the road to which we find the entirely ludicrous claim that Indian farms are too mechanised. That they’ve reached their limit, in fact should retreat from where they are.…

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