US To Buy Greenland From Denmark – Maybe

Donald Trump has floated the idea that the United States should buy Greenland from Denmark. Apparently the Danes are finding the subsidies required to be a bit high so why shouldn’t the richest nation on Earth take over the burden? Or, perhaps, there’s a change of being able to piss off the Canadians.

It’s not actually all that stupid an idea. The US has in fact bought about one third – near a half even – of its land area over history.…

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To Explain The Danish Negative Interest Rate Mortgage

Denmark now has a bank – perhaps building society or savings and loan – offering a negative interest rate mortgage. You end up paying the bank back less than you originally borrowed. Which does sound pretty mysterious but it’s possible to explain this very simply:

The krone is pegged to the euro via the ERM II, the European Union’s exchange rate mechanism.

You can either control your exchange rate or your interest rate but not both.…

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The Danish Far Right Populists Won The Election

Sure,m the Danish far right populists have lost votes and seats in the election there but they still won. On he same basis that Ukip won in the UK without ever getting anywhere near to any sort of political power. Simply by making damn sure that the desired policy is the one that was enacted.

Ukip did this by continually making the case that we shouldn’t be in the European Union. So, we had a vote, we’re going to stop being in the European Union.…

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A Clash Of Liberal Values – Denmark’s Special Nursery Policies For Ghetto And Immigrant Children

We have an interesting clash of liberal values here. Or rather of claimed to be liberal values rather than real ones. For Denmark – apparently driven by the “far right” has decided that the children of immigrants should have substantial and substantive nursery education. In order to impress upon them the cultural values of that Denmark they are growing up to be a part of.

Migrant parents living in ‘ghettos’ in Denmark will be forced to send their children to classes on the country’s values from the age of one under a new government scheme.

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Communal Methods of Land Tenure Might Not Allow Development – Evidence From Denmark

No single paper like this is going to be conclusive either way but the traditional claim that communal methods of land tenure do too allow development might not be tenable:

Denmark is a paragon of economic development because it rapidly modernised its agriculture 150 years ago by using technology and cooperatives. This column argues that Denmark’s development story has in fact been misrepresented. Rapid agricultural development was the end of a process begun by landed elites in the 18th century.…

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