Why Does The Telegraph Say *Despite* Falling Profits?

The aim and purpose of a business is to produce money for the owners, the shareholders, to enjoy. There is no other reason for the existence of the beast. The point of our economic system being that we can and have observed that trusting in that universal, human greed, leads to a richer society.

The proof of this is obvious enough. No socialist country has grown economically to great wealth. All economies which are currently wealthy beyond the dreams of historical experience are and have been for at least some decades roughly capitalist and roughly free market.…

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California’s Very Silly Idea Of A Facebook Data Tax And Dividend

That California is where the rest of the United States goes to turn mad is obvious enough but there are still those incidents that bring it into stark relief. Like this little idea that Facebook and the like should be taxed so as to produce a dividend for Californians. The twin problems being that it’s silly and that it’s very silly. The first is that the amount of money simply isn’t relevant to anything at all.…

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