The Emotional Support Dog Who Mauled Another Passenger – Well, That’s Emotional Support, Isn’t It?

The idea that people should be able to take their emotional support animals – otherwise known to normal people as pets – anywhere they damn well like was always an odd one. Where there’s a distinct physical necessity then sure, why not, guide dogs for the blind etc. But an emotional support horse on a plane? No, don’t laugh, someone tried it.

Then we also get stories like this:

A man who was allegedly attacked by an emotional support dog on a Delta Airlines flight has filed a lawsuit against the airline and the owner of the animal.

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To Ask The British Bureaucracy – Why Does Every Dog Need Its Own Bedroom?

An interesting question indeed. Why is it that every dog is in need of its very own bedroom? It’s not something which really passes that original taste test, is it? That a pack animal requires absolute privacy? But this is an insistence currently being made by the British bureaucracy, an insistence which is closing down small businesses across the country.

For the clipboard wielders have decided that home kennels – the sort that you might wish to leave a dog at while you take a holiday, that sort of thing, they being set up in very mildly rearranged homes – must have one separate room for each and every dog that is looked after.…

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The Price Of Dog Skins In N Korea – Or PPP Exchange Rates

North Korea has a slightly odd method of asking that citizens contribute to the welfare of the State. Contribute there being used in its taxation, confiscatory, form. Given that dog meat is a regular enough portion of the diet they insist that dog skins are, or at least one is, handed over to said State. One implication of which is don’t sign any orders for mink hats from North Korea. Those who don’t have a skin can make a cash contribution instead.…

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