Jeopardy! jeopardised

This is fun!

I picked this up this nugget from Ed Surge. It’s amazing what ingenuity people go to in order to get something. And this seems like it paid off nicely!

You can read part of the story here.

Episode 912: How Uncle Jamie Broke Jeopardy

Well, the story is as follows. James Holzhauer, a professional gambler has come up with a system to win the American quiz show Jeopardy! Not just win, but earn himself more than $2.4 million from winning 32 games in a row.…

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Why Shouldn’t Hong Kong’s Burial Plots Be More Expensive Than Living Space?

After all, they’re going to be occupied longer:

Hong Kong real estate now more expensive for the dead than the living

This is not exclusive to Hong Kong either. In certain Catholic countries – the Church was for centuries against the idea of cremation – a grave is for some few years. Until the body is largely decomposed when it is taken up again, properly flensed and the remaining bones then placed in an ossuary.…

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Australian Gravy Day

It’s partly ironic. A Paul Kelly song from 1996, “How To Make Gravy” was not ironic, telling the tale of a man in jail writing sentimentally to his family on December 21st. He passes on his love, with instructions for the gravy.

“Who’s gonna make the gravy now? I bet it won’t taste the same
Just add flour, salt, a little red wine
And don’t forget a dollop of tomato sauce for sweetness and that extra tang.”

The song was popular, nominated as song of the year by the Australian Record Industry Association in 1997, and Kelly was voted best male artist.…

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Fixed That For Them

A report in yesterday’s Sun suggested that the Government was making a belated and welcome switch to planning for No Deal.

However, it looks like they got one thing wrong:

A significant public stepping up in No Deal planning has been resisted by Mrs May and Mr Hammond for months — for fear of sparking a nationwide panic, as well as wasting billions on it.

As today’s headines show, the stepping up of No Deal is actually a ramping-up of whatever is the current iteration of Project Fear.…

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You’re Right, Polly Toynbee Doesn’t Understand….

You can put pretty much anything you like after the dots there but in this case we’re talking about either or both Brexit and the economy. Yes, they do interact, no, we might not like some of the consequences but Polly Toynbee still doesn’t understand:

But a no-deal crash is so dangerous, the great majority of MPs will absolutely reject inflicting an 8% fall in living standards, blocked ports, empty supermarket shelves, medicine supply failures and the pound falling through the floor – it even slumped on news of this postponement.

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So, Facebook Doesn’t Sell Data Then

You know the story, data is the new oil, Facebook makes its billions by selling our data. We give that data to Facebook for free, we’re all being ripped off and they should be paying us.

Except, except:

Lawmakers in the U.K. released about 250 pages of internal Facebook Inc. FB -2.24% emails that they said show how executives, including Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, gave some third-party developers preferred access to user data and contemplated charging developers for data access.

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Short Answers To Questions In BBC Headlines

The question is asked, a question that we can answer:

George HW Bush: What makes a one-term president?

Losing the election and not being re-elected would seem to cover it.

As to why, which is the real question being posed, PJ O’Rourke put it best. George HW Bush would have had to be found naked in bed with with a dead business recession to lose re-election. He was and he did.

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So Why Was Women’s Pension Age Lower?

We’ve what I consider a quite extraordinary claim here, that raising women’s pension age to match that of men is discrimination against women. Really, can’t see it myself, equality isn’t discrimination. But that is the claim being made in court. The court says it’s arguable enough that they can continue to argue it to the next stage:

Older women were unfairly discriminated against by a £5 billion Treasury reform that increased the female pension age from 60 to 66, a court was told.

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Yum, Yum, Greasy Fried Chicken Flavour Bonking

Doesn’t this just sound like the most appealing of all bonking activities? A freebie “sexual favour” in return for some free fried chicken? Presumably, given the way these transactions normally work, the chicken coming first and adding to the flavour – possibly the lubrication – of the act:

A woman racially abused a takeaway worker when he refused to trade fried chicken for sexual favours. Kelly Fielding spat at police in Chesters Chicken, Wythenshawe, after demanding free food just after midnight.

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