Tsk Tommy Robinson, Tsk – You Bribe Voters With Other Peoples’ Money, Not Your Own

A useful example of the naivety of Tommy Robinson – aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon – here. Or perhaps an example of how he’s entirely outside that political establishment. For he’s not learnt the first thing about how to actually do politics – you bribe the voters with other peoples’ money, not your own. I mean really, imagine not getting that?

Tommy Robinson holds political rally and barbecue in Wythenshawe
It’s estimated that about 300 people turned up to hear the controversial former EDL leader speak

300 is not bad for an election rally to be honest.…

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The Reason Tommy Robinson Got Arrested – Perhaps Not A Good Reason

We now know the reason why Tommy Robinson got arrested. The formal one that is – and it’s not, perhaps a good reason.

ENGLISH Defence League founder Tommy Robinson was today arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace while filming outside court.

The 35-year-old was at Leeds Crown Court on Friday morning and started a live feed on his Facebook page as a child grooming case continued.

Standing in the street and filming something which then goes on Facebook and the like is not normally an arrestable offence.…

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Perhaps We Shouldn’t Crush Far Right Parties Like The BNP And EDL Then?

No, we’ve not lost our minds, we’re not recommending support for the fascist boot boys. But perhaps driving them from public and party politics isn’t all that good an idea? As The Guardian seems to be telling us:

Since 2011, Hope not Hate has published an annual State of Hate report. Since at least 2015 we have seen that the demise of the electoral far right in the UK has been giving way to something far more sinister, which is evolving from the embers of the two better-known far-right groups operating in the UK, the electorally dead and insignificant British National party (BNP) and the moribund EDL (which this week has been shaken by a paedophile scandal involving one of its leading members).

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