Elizabeth Warren’s Plan Would Take Money From Black Schools And Give It To White

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to sort out the higher maternal mortality rate among black women in America. She’s going to fine hospitals that have high rates and give more money to hospitals that have low rates. Hmm, well, sure, incentives matter.

But there is a slight problem with this idea. Imagine that we applied exactly the same one to, say, high schools. We’d end up taking money away from schools with predominantly black populations and giving more to those with disproportionately white ones.…

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Facebook Bans Elizabeth Warren’s Ads Calling For Facebook To Be Broken Up

Pocahontas is shrieking at how Facebook has conspired to do her down. The truth being that Elizabeth Warren – or her team – appears to be too incompetent to read Facebook’s terms of service. This from the woman who claims that she, and she alone, is competent to regulate Facebook and all the other tech giants:

Facebook has backtracked after removing a series of ads posted by US Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren that called for the company to be broken up.

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Warren’s Plan To Break Up Google, Amazon, Facebook Isn’t, Amazingly, Entirely Stupid

Elizabeth Warren has announced her plan to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon. Plus any other tech companies that grow to such sizes. The idea has its faults – it’s unnecessary and silly and is just someone looking for something to do rather than solving an actual problem – but, to the amazement of all, it’s not entirely stupid. She’s managed to get some of the background economics here right even if the overall idea lacks any useful justification.…

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Elizabeth Warren’s Problem – The More People Know The Less They Like

Elizabeth Warren would seem to have a certain political problem – the more people know her, know about her, the less they like or support her. This is the opposite of the normal American political problem, which is gaining any form of name recognition at all. It’s also not all that hugely surprising to close observers of American politics. There’s little so appealing to a voter as being lectured by those who remind of one’s first mother in law:

Elizabeth Warren continues to underperform among voters who know her best

This is a basic problem.…

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Memo For Elizabeth Warren – Wealth Taxes Don’t Work, Sorry, They Don’t

Egged on by Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman it seems that Elizabeth Warren is proposing an annual wealth tax on the richest Americans. The response to which is that wealth taxes don’t actually work. As the two Frenchmen proposing it should know, given that France has a wealth tax and it doesn’t in fact work. That it doesn’t work is why the standard economics of taxation says that we shouldn’t be trying to tax wealth. In fact, there are perfectly good analyses of this sort of taxation which insist that even the taxation rate of the income from wealth should be zero.…

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The Problem With The Feminist Case For Elizabeth Warren – Why Aren’t We Allowed To Hate Her?

Elizabeth Warren is running to be President in 2020 – that much is obvious even if campaign finance laws mean it’s all about exploratory committees and the like so far. At which point we’re beginning to see the feminist case for her, which amounts to sure, she’s not likeable, but judging a female politician on likeability is just so sexist.

No, really, that’s about it. If we all go around insisting that an unlikably populist demagogue shouldn’t be President then we’re being sexist – the truth of unlikability, populism or demagoguery can be disregarded, we’re just thinking with our penis and that’s that.…

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Elizabeth Warren’s Disappearing Middle Class Incomes – It’s A Statistical Lie Folks, That’s All

Senator Elizabeth Warren has decided to treat us all to her insistence that she’d make a really good President of the United States. That’s what her announcement of an exploratory committee means. Essentially, she can collect and spend money exploring the idea of running for the Presidency without actually running for it and thus coming up against campaign finance limits. Isn’t it just so great when those insisting there should be campaign finance limits adhere to the spirit of the law so completely?…

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The Problem With Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act – Warren’s Not Very Bright

Clearly the Accountable Capitalism Act is the opening shot in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s run for the Democratic nomination for 2020. It’s just politics, not anything more substantial than that. Sadly though the bill itself, the purpose of it, shows the underlying reality. Warren’s just not very bright. She’s not managed to grasp the basics of how financial markets or the economy work.

She really does seem to believe that money paid out to shareholders somehow vanishes.…

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