George Monbiot Discovers Opportunity Cost – It’s Not Going To Be Pretty, This

Now that the IPCC’s report is being misunderstood to mean that we’ll all have to survive on a diet of mung beans we would of course expect George Monbiot to weigh in. Which, obviously, he does. But in an interesting and for him what is going to be an uncomfortable manner. Because he raises the subject of opportunity costs:

The problem is that it concentrates on just one of the two ways of counting the carbon costs of farming.

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The Guardian Finds That Civilisation Emits Carbon Dioxide

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at all. But it does seem to take the Guardian and such fellow travellers by surprise, every time:

Taking a long-haul flight generates more carbon emissions than the average person in dozens of countries around the world produces in a whole year, a new Guardian analysis has found. The figures highlight the disproportionate carbon footprint of those who can afford to fly, with even a short-haul return flight from London to Edinburgh contributing more CO2 than the mean annual emissions of a person in Uganda or Somalia.

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Be Suspicious – Trump Official Consulted Climate Deniers – Be Very Suspicious Indeed

We have a story that William Happer, a physicist appointed by the Trump Administration to the National Security Council, consulted with climate deniers in order to frustrate the righteous and just reaction to the climate emergency. We should all be suspicious of this story – very suspicious indeed. For at least as far as I can see we’re being fed the occasional quote from the emails about that consultation. Not the emails themselves in which it would be possible to gain some context to the quotes.…

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Of Course The Pentagon’s Emissions Are Higher Than Portugal’s – It’s A Bigger Organisation

Shock and horror – Horror! even – as it is revealed that the carbon emissions from the Pentagon are larger than those from Portugal. A complaint of mindboggling stupidity when we consider that the Pentagon, as it is being described, is a larger organisation than Portugal. But then, you know, expecting logic and numeracy about climate change is a bit of a forlorn hope, isn’t it?

The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than Portugal, study finds

Yes, obviously, who wouldn’t expect this?…

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Bugger Climate Change Then – Autonomy Says We Must All Be Poor To Beat It

One of the great joys in life is to watch people who have no clue about economics trying to do economics. It’s even more amusing than Dr Johnson’s woman preacher. Here the attempt is from Autonomy, a non-think tank apparently. They want to show us that if we beat climate change then we can all work only 10 hours a week, or nine perhaps, and won’t life be lovely then? The answer to which is no, it won’t, because we’ll all be, by our current standards, dirt poor.…

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Greta Thunberg’s Train Journey CO2 Savings Aren’t All They Seem

Violet Elizabeth Bott Greta Thunberg did all her running around Europe by train, not plane, in order to reduce her carbon emissions. The thing is, such reduced emissions aren’t in fact all they seem.

When Greta Thunberg stepped on to the platform at Stockholm Central station on Thursday after completing her European tour to raise awareness of climate change, an unassuming 69-year-old who runs a tiny travel firm was there to greet her. Ivar Karlsson has found his business in the spotlight as appetite grows for alternatives to flying.

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100 Companies Don’t Emit 71% Of Greenhouse Gases – Don’t Be Stupid

The latest in the attempt to persuade us all that climate change is the fault of them over there, the capitalists, the oil companies, the someone or other, rather than it being us. You know, with this taste we have for warming ourselves, transporting, feeding ourselves. So that’s what the trick is here in this insistence that some 100 companies are responsible for 71% of the greenhouse gas emissions. It’s wallop of a very coddy flavour.…

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Emma Thompson’s Flying Answer – If I Could Fly Cleanly I Would

Dame Emma Thompson has told us why it is that she flew into London from Los Angeles to take part in a demonstration against climate change caused by people flying around and making CO2 emissions. “If I could fly cleanly then I would”.

Well, yes Honey. That’s our entire problem with climate change in the first place. We value the things we do – all these things that make up civilisation – as we also value the idea of an environment that we can continue to live in.…

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The Green New Deal’s Requirement For Concrete Infrastructure Will Reduce Emissions How?

There is an interesting contradiction in this Green New Deal that everyone finds so exciting. Which is that concrete produces some 6-8% of all emissions, And if we’re going to go out and build vast new infrastructure sets then we’re going to need an awful lot of concrete. From The Conversation:

The Green New Deal’s contradiction – new infrastructure and redistribution may boost carbon emissions

The Green New Deal has broadened imaginations worldwide on the subject of climate change, encouraging people to consider what action to tackle it could do for society. …

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The Guardian’s Concrete Screed – Entirely Missing The Point About CO2

The Guardian is treating us to an entire week’s worth of stories about how evil concrete is. It paves over the land the bugs live on d’ye see? The bit about us being able to live efficiently on our concrete platforms, thereby leaving more land available for the bugs, rather passes them by.

However, there’s a rather larger lack in their analysis. They insist that concrete manufacture produces CO2 emissions. They’re right there, it does. It’s not entirely obvious that there’s a solution here for the manufacture of concrete is, at a certain level of understanding, the production of CO2 emissions.…

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