What? Walk the talk? Who are you kidding?

As Tim would tell you, we all know the climate is a changin’, as Dylan might have sung. There’s a huge push out there to do somein’ about it. Windmills and solar farms seem high on the list of priorities. But getting rid of those pesky fossil fuels and their emissions is way up there.

Virtue signalling you’re on board even though you’re a major extractor of said fossil fuels is how the PR guys and gals square the circle for the fossil fuel energy companies.…

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Bang to Rights

California isn’t called the golden state for nothing. Well, it might be the good PR from the Beach Boys or the Eagles—Tim knows more about this than we do—but it is generally a place you might want to go. Chuck Berry, bless his little cotton socks, called it the Promised Land.* We’ve been there. It is stunning. Go to Malibu Beach and view the Bay Watch at work.

It’s Paradise on earth.

Sorry, that’s not in LA.…

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The Biggest Tax Subsidy Is Low VAT Rates – Let’s Charge Full Whack On Everything

HMRC has just released its estimate of what tax reliefs cost the Treasury each year. This is sparking, as it obviously will, demands that some to all of these be closed so that ever more of the economy can flow through government. The thing is, the targets being aimed at are peanuts as opposed to the Great Big Nuts of the system that should be targeted.

By far the largest of these reliefs is VAT rates.…

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European Union’s Lies About Fossil Fuel Subsidies – It’s Just Lower VAT On Household Energy Bills

The European Union has a report out telling us that the UK provides more fossil fuels subsidies than anywhere else. This is nonsense nonsense amounting to a lie. But then when did something like that ever stop The Guardian? Or the EU for that matter:

The UK leads the European Union in giving subsidies to fossil fuels, according to a report from the European commission. It found €12bn (£10.5bn) a year in support for fossil fuels in the UK, significantly more than the €8.3bn

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Nonsense, Pish And Tosh – Apple Claims To Run On 100% Renewable Energy

Apple is claiming something which isn’t true, that the company now runs on 100% renewable energy. It’s not just not true, it’s nonsense, pish and or, to taste, tosh. No one at all has worked out how to run a 24/7 energy system purely upon renewables. At least, not one that delivers reasonable amounts of power as and when desired. The claim that anyone has is thus a serious misstatement of the truth. It also underplays the difficulties we’ve got in getting the economy to a non-emitting energy system.…

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Burning Biowaste Isn’t Exactly An Economic Method Of Energy Production

Contrary to the way this story will be reported, burning odd body parts is not a good method of generating energy. We know this because those crematoria the councils run are not net energy generators, they’re energy sinks. The human body being largely water, water not being a great fuel.

So, this announcement of a new form of incinerator which will run off biowaste, well, it’s not, quite, as it seems:

A plan to produce electricity by burning “body parts and organs” has created uproar in a small Sussex town.

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