Today Isn’t St George’s Day – That’s Next Week, You English

That none of us actually care about this is all the proof needed that the English don’t worry overmuch about our national day. There’s good reason for it too:

To all the politicians dutifully wishing the nation a happy St George’s Day — you’ve got the date wrong. The Church of England has confirmed that the feast has been pushed back to next Monday because of a clash with Easter week. April 23 is the usual date each year for the feast of St George, the patron saint of England, but church rules state that no feast days should be marked during Easter week.

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Why Criticise Sinn Fein For “England Get Out Of Ireland” Banner? What They’re For Isn’t It?

It’s entirely possible to criticise Sinn Fein – they are the most ghastly little set of socialists after all. About the last remaining enclave of Marxism outside Jezza’s office. It’s even possible to disagree with them – no, England is not responsible for all that has befallen Ireland over the generations. But to criticise Sinn Fein for saying what Sinn Fein is does strike as more than a little odd.

There are those who think that England and the English are responsible for much of what has befallen Ireland.…

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As Brexit Happens The EU Parliament Censors The English Language

This is rather fleeing the stable door after the horse has bolted – the European Parliament has decided that the Eve of Brexit, that most glorious moment in our recent history, is the time to start censoring the English language. You know, that language that they’re all threatening to stop using because we’ve decided to take our ball and money back and go home? The specific thing they’re complaining about being something that doesn’t even happen in those other lesser tongues that they tend to babble, the use of “man” to indicate peeps.…

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An Excellent Reason To Leave The EU – The Status Of English After Brexit

If you’d like a reason to leave the European Union then look no further than this discussion of whether the institution – and institutions – will continue to use English after we’ve left. The point being that they’re wibbling about the details and commas of international treaties. When reality is obvious. English is the international language, it’s the one that the most people have in common. There’s almost no member of the European intelligentsia – for which sadly at this point we’ll have to use to include politicians and bureaucrats – who doesn’t have at least some knowledge of the language.

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Rod Liddle’s Heinous Hate Crime

The world is obviously free of anything important for the police to do – you know, arresting old age pensioners who kill off burglars and the like – for they’ve time to investigate Rod Liddle for a hate crime. An entirely heinous one of course, being beastly to the Welsh. To be honest I have some sympathy with the idea that we should stop people being beastly to them, they do after all already labour under the distinct disadvantage of being Welsh, in Wales of all places.…

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It’s Not What Macron Says, It’s Who He Says It To

Emmanuel Macron is apparently telling us all that French – that largely unintelligible series of grunts – is and should remain a world language. This is held to be some sort of hypocrisy given that his English is pretty good for a foreigner and that he’s the first French President to give interviews in John Bull’s Finest.

All of which isn’t the point at all. Instead, look at who he was talking to when he said it:

Emmanuel Macron launched an international drive to promote French as a “world language” on Tuesday, urging Francophone countries to resist the temptation to turn to English.

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How UnBritish – Louise Casey Insists We Must All Speak English

Dame Louise Casey used to be the “integration czar.” The one who would come up with policies to make us all more British and together that is. Which is odd really, because the very point of being British is that we don’t do such things. We already know we’ve won that lottery ticket of life by being born of the sceptered isle. But still she’s now gone even futher wrong by insisting that we must all be speaking English:

UK should set date for everyone to speak English, says Casey

Hmm, OK then 27 March 2019.…

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