The Matildas – An Equal Pay Deal We Can Get Behind

No, get your minds out of the gutter, not that sort of behind. This isn’t beach volleyball after all, this is soccer. The Matildas, the Australian women’s soccer team, have just struck an equal pay deal. They’ll be getting the same deal as the Socceroos that is, the men’s team. Which is excellent, of course it is:

Football Federation Australia and Professional Footballers Australia have detailed a landmark collective bargaining agreement that closes the pay gap between Australia’s national teams, the Socceroos and Matildas.

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Fascinating – US Women’s Soccer Team Actually Paid More Than US Men’s Soccer Team

You’ll recall, of course, the rumpus over the manner in which the US women’s soccer team are paid less than the US men’s soccer team. Despite being so much more successful and general doing a better job?

The fascinating thing being that it’s not in fact true. The US women’s soccer team gets paid more than the US men’s soccer team. Yup, you read that right. More:

As you’ll see—separate and apart from any prize money awarded by FIFA—U.S.

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US Women’s Soccer – Team That Only Exists Because Gender Discrimination Demands Gender Equality

The Americans have a useful word – derived from Yiddish – to describe the actions of the US women’s soccer team there, chutzpah. If it were not for gender discrimination absolutely none of these women would be playing international soccer. They wouldn’t even be playing club games, nor even college. And yet the demand is that there must be gender parity.

Cake and eating it appearing to be a specialty here.

All 28 current members of the United States women’s soccer team have filed a lawsuit against their own governing body alleging years of “institutionalized gender discrimination”.

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Glasgow Council Women’s Pay Victory – But What Is Equal Pay For Equal Work?

Glasgow City Council has just lost a large case over the concept of equal pay for equal work – thousands of women have won a 12 year battle over the issue. The problem is that the issue itself doesn’t really make sense. For what is being argued is that work of equal value should be equally paid. But, in a market economy, what is the definition of work of equal value? That’s the problem that needs solving.…

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