Apple’s Credit Card Should Be Sexist

The artificial intelligence that runs Apple’s new credit card – in association with Goldman Sachs – is apparently sexist. Good, it should be.

For the point about AIs, ‘bots and all the rest is that they’re an attempt to describe the world around us. That’s the only way they’re useful or effective, that they illuminate something of the reality surrounding us.

For example, should – just to pick an example – Burmese children be stunted through malnutrition?…

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The Matildas – An Equal Pay Deal We Can Get Behind

No, get your minds out of the gutter, not that sort of behind. This isn’t beach volleyball after all, this is soccer. The Matildas, the Australian women’s soccer team, have just struck an equal pay deal. They’ll be getting the same deal as the Socceroos that is, the men’s team. Which is excellent, of course it is:

Football Federation Australia and Professional Footballers Australia have detailed a landmark collective bargaining agreement that closes the pay gap between Australia’s national teams, the Socceroos and Matildas.

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They So Desperately Want To Believe In Female Viking Warriors

History isn’t, it is. That is, we never do get a retailing of what happened, we get a projection of our current concerns onto those of the past. As here with the existence of female Viking warriors.

Sure, no doubt some existed. Nelson’s navy had recorded examples of women who went to sea and fought as men. Sir Pterry’s Monstrous Regiment is an extended – and very good – riff off the true stories of women who joined the colours for this and that reason.…

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Fawcett Society Has That Female Problem With Numbers – Math Is Hard Said Barbie

Yes, OK, we know that a group of women like the Fawcett Society is going to have to find something to complain about. Eve did, after all, whinge her way out of Paradise. But we’d all hope they could do better than support Barbie’s stereotype that math is hard. Sadly not though:

Progress on closing the gender pay gap is “dismally slow”, according to equality charity the Fawcett Society.

At the current rate of decline it will take 60 years to eradicate the gap, the charity said.

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Stop Dribbling Woman – Jane Austen Wasn’t Underpaid

A little exegesis of how stories become garbled – and feminised – as they pass along the line. Here at Vox we’re told that Jane Austen was underpaid, wildly underpaid in fact, even by the standards of her time:

Apparently Jane Austen was wildly underpaid, even by the standards of her day! You just know she would have had something great to say about that.

That’s the entirety of the entry on Austen there, even though the headline is:

Jane Austen was shockingly underpaid compared to other authors of her era

There is a problem with this.…

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Toxic Sexism And Misandry From Caroline Lucas

It’s difficult to see how this isn’t sexist hate speech:

I’m calling for a cabinet of women to stop a disastrous no-deal Brexit

Apparently ovaries are a necessary possession to be able to rule the country:

We need an “emergency cabinet” – not to fight a Brexit war but to work for reconciliation. And I believe this should be a cabinet of women. Why women? Because I believe women have shown they can bring a different perspective to crises, are able to reach out to those they disagree with and cooperate to find solutions.

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And Why Wouldn’t Female Beauty Aid Women’s Top Careers?

The original statement was not that as you’re a munter don’t bother trying to gain one of the top jobs. Rather, that possession of a certain amount of beauty was going to be an aid to women in gaining one of those top career positions. And why not? Why wouldn’t it? Handsomeness in a man also aids in gaining such top positions. Sure, it may well be unfair but that’s the way that us human beings roll and we do have to deal with us as we are.…

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Sadly, Sonia Sadha Appears Not To Understand Human Fertility

Sonia Sadha – a woman in her 30s with no children – is very excited by the idea of being able to delay the menopause. And why not, obviously enough. Except she’s managed to not understand the particular point being made here. Which is that delaying the menopause doesn’t extend human female fertility. It just delays the menopause. Which is not, in fact, the same thing.

For women like me, postponing the menopause would be a blessing
Sonia Sodha

That’s fine, sure, why not?…

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Proof That Feminism Won – Capitalism Is Co-opting It

Some women are never pleased. Proof perfect that the feminist project has in fact won is seen as a terrible imposition of yet more of the patriarchy:

For the past 10 years, capitalism has been co-opting the language of sexual equality and feminism in order to sell us a new flavour of mass consumerism – keyrings in the shape of Venus symbols, mugs printed with Maya Angelou quotes, T-shirts sewn by women of colour in economically developing countries under slave conditions that say Women are the Future across the tits.

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Why Miss England?

The termagants at The Guardian are finding it very difficult to work out why women would want to enter the Miss England contest. For clearly it is the combination of career and the ability to identify intersectionality which determines the worth of a modern woman and all society recognises that. Meaning that the ability at both is what will attract anything it is that a woman wants whenever she wants it. Including that male partner to raise her children for her:

Why are more women than ever applying to be Miss England in the age of Instagram?

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