A Truly Glorious Piece Of Richard Murphiness

The Senior Lecturer Emeritus at Islington Technical College treats us to his analysis of the problems with taxation and wealth in the UK. He refers to the Equality Trust’s report on that wealth inequality. He notes that 6 people control as much wealth as the bottom 13 million.

He then tells us:

But as I noted from conversations in the City yesterday, the concern there is people moving home because of taxation when the concern should be people haing homes at all.

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If You’ve £10 And No Debt You’re Richer Than 10% Of Britons – Added Together

The Equality Trust treats us to a feast of economic nonsense today in their whinges about wealth inequality. They manage to entirely forget that anyone with a £10 note and no debt is richer than 10% of Britons. That’s 10% of Britons put together. This though is only the least of their economic sins:

New analysis by The Equality Trust, using the wealth estimates of Forbes and Credit
Suisse, reveals a shocking level of wealth inequality in the UK, and shows how this
inequality has increased since 2010

Scary, eh?…

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