It’s Still Equality Of Opportunity That Matters, Not Outcome

Quite why anyone should even dream to believe that inequality of income is intrinsically immoral is difficult to work out. But even if we accept that it still turns out that equality of opportunity is the more important concept:

The missing link between income inequality and economic growth: Inequality of opportunity
Shekhar Aiyar, Christian Ebeke 03 April 2019

There are contrasting theories on the relationship between income inequality and growth, and the empirical evidence is similarly mixed.…

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20th Century Wealth Redistribution Went To The Upper Middle Classes, Not The Entire Society

Sure, Thomas Piketty tells us that there was distinct wealth redistribution in the 20th century. Something that is being reversed in this 21 st century. Except who was the wealth redistributed to? As it turns out, not to the working classes at all, but to the upper middle classes. This might not be quite the increase in equality people might argue for.

There are significant problems with this idea and study – most importantly, it’s not actually recording wealth properly.

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Today In Feminism – Yes, We’re Getting Petty And Vindictive Now

Two stories that are worth chewing over lightly to illustrate the state of feminism in our sceptered isle these days. An actress who doesn’t actually know whether there’s a pay gap complaining about the possibility that all are not equal. And the Met having to pay out a fortune to a male officer for the vindictive manner in which he was treated by a female superior. This is not, I submit, what the actual feminist campaigners were after.…

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