The Brexit Party Enjoys 9,900% Surge in Votes And Seats

Euro election results from our data visualisation department.

Not wholly and entirely sure that going from zero to 28 is best described as a 9,900 percent rise in seats but it’s certainly most impressive.

Given that Ukip has failed to win a seat at all then I think we’ve got a certain measure of the manner in which it really was Nigel Farage that dragged it up by its bootstraps. Having worked for the party that isn’t a surprise of course.

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As The Brexit Party Gains A Majority Are The Euros Still A Referendum On Leave?

An interesting little question here about who will be saying what after the euro-elections. For we all know damn well that if the LibDems, the arch-remainers, won the election then that would be touted as absolute proof that we should call the whole Brexit thing off.

So, given that it looks like the Brexit Party is going to gain a majority of the seats – not just a plurality – what are people going to be saying?…

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You Do That Vince, You Set The LibDems As Arch Remainers

That people should set out their stalls before an election is rather the point. We out here, us Great Unwashed, get to look at what our desirous to be rulers think about the world and we get to choose. So, Vince Cable setting the LibDems up as the arch remainers stall is just fine. It’s even the purpose of the process.

The thing is though, having so stated that they’re the arch Remainers, are they going to then take the lesson of the election when we have had our say?…

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