Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Nonsense – The Majority Of Americans Don’t Get A Living Wage

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has insisted that the majority of Americans don’t make a living wage. The vast majority even. Which is nonsense, as the vast majority of Americans are not keeling over from the diseases and starvations of absolute poverty nor destitution. By very definition, given the fact that Americans are living upon their wages, they are gaining a living wage.

But then that’s logic and the subject under discussion is demagogic politics.

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Microsoft Insists Daily Mail Is A Biased Newspaper – Surprise!

Microsoft is now telling readers of the Daily Mail website that it’s a newspaper that’s just not to be trusted, it’s biased. And of course we’re all terribly surprised, aren’t we? What with coffee causing cancer one day, curing it the next. Except, except, we’ve got a couple of more serious problems here. One being if we’re to have truth telling and fact checking then it does rather matter who is doing the checking and what their biases are.…

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