Ooops! – System Error Crashes Entire Electricity Grid Of Argentina And Uruguay

The entirety of two countries seems to be without electrical power this morning as a failure in the grid has left both Argentina and Uruguay completely bereft. This is the sort of failure we normally have to institute socialism to manage.

A massive power cut has hit Argentina and Uruguay and is believed to have left 48million people without electricity. The outage – believed to be the first of its kind – has caused trains to be halted and failures with traffic signalling, according to reports.

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Lyft’s Failed IPO – Company Value Rises To $30 Billion

It’s worth reminding ourselves that a significant rise in corporate value after an initial public offering is a failure of that IPO. Yes, that’s not normally how everyone thinks of it, certainly not the newspaper finance pages. Yet it is still so. If Lyft was sold at $21 billion – sure, not the whole company but – and a day later is worth $30 billion then that’s a failure. Because, obviously enough, the people selling stock were doing so in order to gain money for having done so.…

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Great Depression – Perhaps Not Banking Networks But Banking Pyramids That Cause Collapse Problems

As is well known – or should be – the United States had appalling problems with bank failures during the Great Depression. It also had a widely dispersed network of many small banks. Canada had only a few national banks and no failures. Yet we’d expect concentration of banking to be more subject to failure. Ah, but, as this shows, it depends upon what sort of concentration causes what sort of problem:

Bank networks and systemic risk in the Great Depression
Sanjiv Das, Kris Mitchener, Angela Vossmeyer 11 March 2019

The Global Crisis brought attention to how connections among financial institutions may make systems more prone to crises.…

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To Speculate On Why Oxitec’s GM Mosquitos Don’t Work

It appears that the attempt to introduce GM mosquitoes into the wild in order to outcompete the natural ones doesn’t work. Which gives us the lovely opportunity to speculate as to why this might be. Our speculation here being that evolution doesn’t quite work that way which is going to be something of a blow to all other similar attempts. Do note, and this is important, that this is simply speculation and alarmingly ill-informed such at that.…

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Walmart’s Scan And Go Fails – That’s Why Walmart Succeeds

It’s odd to insist that something failing is evidence of someone being successful. But that is how I will read this from Walmart:

Walmart has abandoned mobile scan-and-go shopping at its U.S. stores. Customers failed to embrace the new technology, created to help them save time by bypassing the checkout.

With scan and go, customers scanned their own items while shopping and paid for them with the aid of a phone app or a mobile device provided in the store.

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