That Crazed Fair Tax Mark Report About Big Tech Taxes

A thought occurs about the Fair Tax Mark and their complaint that big tech isn’t paying enough in tax.

Recall how they do their calculation. Here’s the reported tax for the period. Here’s the reported tax paid in that period. Obviously that’s already going to be wrong because of timing issues. But it’s also wildly wrong for a different reason.

The tech companies pay their staff in shares and stock. And they’ve not adjusted for the tax implications of that.…

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The Professor Doesn’t Understand The Paper

It’s possible to wonder a bit whether the expansion of the universities was a good idea. Here we have the Senior Lecturer in political economy at Islington Technical College attempting to parse a paper about the effects of tax and reputation upon companies. The result is less understanding than we might hope for.

The paper itself is here:

This research investigates the impact of corporate tax strategies (i.e., tax avoidance and non-avoidance) on consumers’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) perceptions, willingness to pay (WTP), and corporate reputation in two laboratory experiments (n=409) in the United States and Germany.

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The Fair Tax Mark – Just What Is Tax Abuse Then?

We mentioned a couple of days ago that Timpson’s has been awarded – bought might be a better description really – the Fair Tax Mark. We also expressed a certain puzzlement at quite how this was done, given what is evident from the accounts.

One which subject a letter, or an observation if you prefer, from Andrew Carter, a tax practitioner with 31 years’ experience including 10 as a tax inspector:

The Fair Tax Mark implodes.…

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Timpson’s Gains The Fair Tax Mark

Timpson’s has just been awarded the Fair Tax Mark. Which gives us a lovely example of quite what the Fair Tax Mark will actually sign off upon. We also get an explanation of a little more detail about the Mark, one that seems to obviate any use at all of it.

The Fair Tax Mark is delighted to announce that the Timpson Group (which includes high street businesses Timpson, Johnsons the Cleaners, Snappy Snaps and Max Spielmann), has been accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, demonstrating their commitment to paying the right amount of tax, at the right time and in the right place.

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Is The Fair Tax Mark Really All It Seems?

An interesting series of questions about the Fair Tax Mark. Most interesting:

The Unfair Tax Mark

If you were a fake doctor, selling a fake remedy, the clever thing to do would be to create a fake illness or wildly exaggerate the dangers of a real one. Then you could offer your fake solution (for a fee of course) to a worried, nervous public.

Is that what has happened with the Fair Tax Mark organisation?…

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Julian Richer Simply Doesn’t Understand Tax – Despite His New Taxwatch Plan

I do always find it so amusing when people start whining about the tax system in the UK. Because it is within those whines that we gain the knowledge of how badly they misunderstand the tax system in the UK. You know, that very one they’re whining about. So it is with Julian Richer here and his idea for Taxwatch, a thinklittle tank sorta plan.

The founder of Richer Sounds, the hi-fi chain, has taken aim at Sir Philip Green, saying that he plans to bankroll a new watchdog to expose people and companies that avoid paying tax.

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The Fair Tax Mark Is Becoming A Parody Of Itself

As all should know – because he tells us of this often enough – Richard Murphy is a founder and unpaid director of the Fair Tax Mark. This is a system by which you slip them your accounts and a fee – do not forget the fee – and they tell you whether, or that, you are being moral in your payment of taxes.

Note they don’t say that you’re obeying the law. They say instead that you’re doing what they think you should be doing.…

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Fair Tax Mark Head Has No Clue About Caffe Nero’s Tax Bill

The Fair Tax Mark was set up by Richard Murphy so obviously we’ll not be surprised to find that it is staffed by know-nothings. It is still a tad of a shock to find out that the person actually running the organisation doesn’t understand the very thing he supposedly accredits, the taxation of companies. But this is so, sadly:

Coffee shop chain Caffe Nero paid no corporation tax in the UK last year, despite ringing up profits of £25.5m.

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