A Very Silly Argument About Farming And Vegetarianism In The Telegraph

It’s not the summer holidays so we’ve not got the day release kids writing the papers as yet. So it’s difficult to understand how this piece managed to make it into the paper. The argument is that since early humans could not deal with fricatives and labiodentals therefore they would not have been able to pronounce the words farming or vegetarianism. That’s fine, obviously enough.

It’s the leap from that to the idea that they wouldn’t have had a word for either and so wouldn’t be able to describe that that irks.…

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Egypt’s Very Silly Decision To Grow More Rice

It’s not particularly the decision here itself which is wrong as Egypt plans to grow more rice to cut the import bill. It’s the entire madness of the manner in which the decision to plant more rice was made. Because a central bureaucracy simply isn’t the right place to be making the decision about which crop is planted in which field. There’s just no way that even bright people sitting in Cairo know what should be planted in the Delta.…

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Greenpeace’s Excellent Pro-Brexit And Anti-Organic Farming Argument

That Greenpeace doesn’t think through the implications of its arguments is obvious enough for they praise organic farming while also insisting that more land must be available for nature. The two ideals are in direct contradiction with each other which is, umm, unfortunate. However, they do provide us with an excellent pro-Brexit argument here.

Consider what the European Union actually does. No, not what it claims nor the lofty rhetoric. It hasn’t produced peace, that’s Nato, and it doesn’t produce economic growth either.…

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Amazingly, The Common Agricultural Policy Will Still Be Terrible After Brexit

The Common Agricultural Policy is a useful example of what’s wrong with the very idea of the European Union. It’s far too conservative an organisation, the CAP serves to trap in amber the peasant way of life. It’s not going to get any better in the near future either. Why would we want to remain members of an organisation that’s run like this?

The Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020: How to avoid seven more years of money for nothing
Friedrich Heinemann, Stefani Weiss 25 October 2018

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy for the decade ahead is beginning to take shape.…

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The Value Of Food Imports – Weather Makes British Food 5% More Expensive

We’re told in those usual tones of shock and horror that British grown food is likely to rise in price by about 5% this year. We will undoubtedly get one of the usual idiots taking exactly the wrong point from this – the only puzzle is which idiot.

Meat, vegetable and dairy prices are set to rise “at least” 5% in the coming months because of the UK’s extreme weather this year, research suggests.

Consultancy CEBR said 2018’s big freeze and heatwave would end up costing consumers about £7 extra per month.

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Why Do Peasant Farmers Have To Live Like, Well, Peasants?

You never have to trawl far through the writings of the likes of Oxfam, Save the Children and the rest to find them extolling “smallholder farming.” What they actually mean is that a couple of billion people should be condemned to live as peasants for all eternity. For that’s what smallholder actually means, someone trying to scrape a living out of a half hectare of maize. It’s possible, it must be for a couple of billion do it, but it ain’t pleasant.…

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