What A Weird Argument – Don’t Tighten SNAP or Food Stamp Work Requirements

It’s entirely possible to make sensible and logical arguments either way about food stamps. Or, more formally, SNAP. OK, so the poor don’t have any right to demand from others and so no welfare. That might not be a nice argument, might not even be a good one, but it is logical. Equally, the rich can and should pay so that the children of the poor don’t go hungry. That’s logical however much we do or don’t agree with it.…

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Truly, There Is No Poverty – Food Stamps Recipients To Get Free Home Delivery Of Food

It’s entirely true that in our current society there are those who have less than others. It’s also said that there is true poverty in our society. That second isn’t really true. Poverty is being measured as having less than others, not as having near nothing. Further, most American poverty is measured before all of the things that we do to alleviate poverty – Section 8, EITC, food stamps and so on.

It is though possible to just stop a moment and consider what people do call poverty in this modern day.…

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A Surprising Result About Snap Benefits – Most Do Get Spent Upon Food

If you think about food stamps – Snap benefits – over in the US the idea that most of them get spent upon food should be obvious. They’re only legal tender to buy food so most of them will get spent upon food. D’Oh. But then we can talk about black markets, which we know exist and….

Or, we can even note that income is fungible. So, sure, we add $200 a month to the household budget but food expenditures are about 10% of household income, so $200 in Snap should mean about $20 more spent upon food.…

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As We Said, Government Shutdown Won’t Stop Snap, Food Stamps

A few days back we predicted that the government shutdown over Trump’s border wall wouldn’t influence the distribution of Snap benefits, or food stamps as most of us still call them. This wasn’t because we had some inside knowledge it was just because it was clear and obvious that no one was going to stop tens of million of people from getting their food over said border wall. That’s just not the way that politics works.…

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Trumps’ Government Shutdown Won’t Affect SNAP – Food Stamps – The Fix Will Be In

There’s a certain amount of muttering that the government shutdown – prompted by Trump’s insistence that he really, but just really, wants a great big wall – will start to affect the distribution of SNAP benefits, food stamps to you and me. This isn’t going to happen, the fix will be in long before that happens. No, I’m not insisting that the government shutdown will be solved by February although I fully expect it to be so.…

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Trump’s Harvest Box Replacement For Food Stamps Is A Deliriously Stupid Idea

Donald Trump’s budget includes the idea of replacing food stamps (more accurately, SNAP benefits) with “harvest boxes” of government food. This idea hasn’t received nearly as much derision as it should have done.

It’s a dumb, dumb, dumb, idea. It also makes us all poorer. Seriously dumb idea.

The first problem is that we all know what government food is going to be like. That Nutriloaf pictured is what some prisoners are fed upon. OK, sure, prisoners and all that but the poor ain’t to be punished in the same manner.…

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