There Is No Great Stagnation – Ford’s Sweating Robotic Arse

This might take some convincing but we’ve all been made just that fraction richer as Ford has invented a robot with a sweaty fundament. This is not, as you might think, in order to be able to test extra strong latex, nor the cut of underwear – although presumably useful in both contexts, – but to test car seats. The way this makes us richer is that we can now do those old things we used to do using less human labour, meaning we can now redeploy that worker time into producing something else for us all to enjoy.…

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What Would Henry Think Of Ford Abandoning Cars? He’d Love It, He Liked A Profit ‘Enery Did

It’s not quite true that Ford Motor Corporation is abandoning the making of cars, rather, they’re going to make and sell very few saloons in the North American market and concentrate upon commercial vehicles, SUVs and specialist output like the Mustang. In the rest of the world they’ll still be heaving things like the Focus out the door in volume. At which point well, what would Henry Ford himself made of all of this?

My intuition is that he would have loved it.…

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