To Get Italy’s Foreign Debt Exposure Entirely Wrong

If we were to comment upon Italy’s debt exposure then it would be incumbent upon us, as the sort of responsible, no snark, people we are, to get it right about Italy’s debt exposure. Which is, of course, exactly what The Guardian manages not to do:

How much damage can the illusion of “taking back control” do to a country so dependent on international markets to finance its huge public debt?

Italy is less dependent than most countries upon foreigners to finance the public debt.…

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Shock, Horror, Trump Inaugural Donations Were 0.075% Illegal!

The hunt for a smoking gun to show that Trump – and all those rubes in Flyover Country who voted for him – can be dismissed continues. The latest Shock, Horror, finding from The Guardian being that three donations of $25,000 each to the Inaugural Committee were potentially illegal, coming as they did from foreigners who weren’t allowed to so donate.

For those not up with how this works, the Inaugural Committee organises the jamboree for the new presidency.…

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Let’s Copy Ethiopia’s Excellent Method Of Dealing With Foreign NGOs

Ethiopia might seem a strange place to be taking governance tips from but there’s merit in this proposal – limits upon what foreign financed charities and non-governmental organisations may do. Note that the restrictions, the first set at least, don’t limit what the people may decide to do about their own governance – that’s fine, government is for and by the people. It only places restraints upon what foreign money may buy which seems fair enough.…

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If Only The Observer Had A Clue About Economics

There was a time when The Observer did in fact understand this socioeconomic polity around us. Sure, they were on the left of the argument even back then but that was when being on the left was being on the right, correct, side. You know, free trade, international markets, globalisation, all that stuff, in opposition to the more conservative protectionism. Things have changed somewhat.

No, not just that they’re hopelessly woke and all that. But they’ve not got the economic chops, the hinterland in theory and knowledge, to be able to understand what they’re being told.…

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