Of Course Saudi Arabia Should Import Water – What Else Should They Do?

The Guardian runs a piece looking at how Saudi Arabia is depleting fossil water in the country’s aquifers. Not, in the long term, all that sensible a thing to do. They’re a bit dismissive of desalination which is a pity as the technology is coming along in leaps and strides. It’s already cheaper than trying to import water itself and is cost effective for direct human consumption – it’s cheaper than bottled water and people will indeed pay for that.…

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Nonsense – Fossils In Private Hands Are Not Lost To Science

A very strange insistence happening here, that fossil in private hands are somehow denied to science. A most odd claim as who owns the thing doesn’t change whether it can be examined or not. But then that’s not quite what is actually being said here:

Should fossils be allowed to be in private hands at all? I have some scattered about my home: mostly small ammonite fragments picked up during family walks in Dorset. It strikes me as illiberal to stop such an inspiring pastime.

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