And Why Shouldn’t Federal Workers Live Paycheck To Paycheck – They Can Borrow, Can’t They?

Jared Bernstein is performing his usual useful function here, providing us with his analysis so that we know what not to believe. Here it’s about how horrible it is that Federal workers live, often enough, paycheck to paycheck and therefore cannot survive a shutdown and the missing of one of those paychecks. Except they can borrow, can’t they? As Wilbur Ross has pointed out they can indeed borrow and there’s an ecosystem of people only too delighted to lend to them too.…

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Impolitic Yet Correct – Ross Says Furloughed Workers Should Go Get A Loan

Wilbur Ross is quite right here, we’ve a large financial services sector just gagging to be allowed to lend people money – so, Federal workers furloughed can and should just go get a loan to stay afloat. The problem with this is that while Ross is correct it’s somewhat impolitic to say this – that problem being that Ross is a politician these days and paid to be politic.

It’s entirely correct that those Federal workers are furloughed.…

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Shutdown Woes – Bureaucrats Getting Real Jobs Like Driving For Uber

There’s long been a certain suspicion that we don’t need quite as much government as we actually get. Even, that we might do better if we had a little less of it. It’s also one of those things whispered about late at night that perhaps not all – each and every one – of those bureaucrats actually does something useful for the rest of us. Do we actually need quite so many pens pushed, clipboards wielded?…

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Coastguard’s TipSheet For Furloughed Employees – It’s A Copy From A Debt Management Company

The Coastguard had up on one of its websites a little tipsheet for employees who had been furloughed – have a garage sale, try to do some babysitting, try out being a mystery shopper. Not bad advice for people who are now suddenly without an income but this is making some people more than a tad irate. How very dare they and so on.

The thing is, that tip sheet is really just a copy – lightly edited perhaps – of something put out by a debt management company.…

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