Buffalo Wild Wings Death – Sorry, Accidents Happen – Was Chlorine Gas Poisoning, Like WWI Trenches

A report from the US about a restaurant employee who died as a result of, well, as a result of an accident. This won’t stop the lawyers of course but accidents do indeed happen.

Here the cause is the mix of bleach and acid. That’s one of the things that will just kill you. Sorry and all that but it will:

An accidental mix of cleaners — acid and bleach — generated toxic fumes that killed the manager of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Massachusetts, authorities said Friday.

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Hull Isn’t The UK’s Largest Onshore Gas Field – Nothing Like

To continue a theme, if only today’s journalists had a bit of bottom, actually had some experience of the outside world. In this case, the idea that a rather minor find near Hull is the UK’s largest gas field since whenever is just nonsense:

A trio of energy companies have struck gold after discovering what could potentially be the country’s largest onshore gas field near Hull. Reabold Resources, Union Jack Oil and Rathlin Energy said initial analysis of a well drilled in the ground in West Newton, just a few miles north east of Hull, indicated the site could house some 189bn cubic feet of gas – roughly enough energy to power 3.4

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Labour’s Price Trick With Nationalising Electricity And Gas Networks

That the Labour Party wants to renationalise the electricity and gas networks is true. That the Labour Party is insane is true. Even, that the Labour Party is insane to want to renationalise the electricity and gas networks.

Yes, yes, the argument is that only in public ownership can we make sure that they deliver public goods. But that’s not actually the way to gain those things. We actually would rather – in fact we should insist – that the people defining and enforcing the delivery of those public goods aren’t the same people as those making the profit.…

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Gas Prices Are Rising – Blame The Environmentalists And The Regulators

This happens every year, gas prices rise in the spring. And every year we get told it’s this or that or the other – when in fact it’s the combination of the environmentalists and the regulators causing it. Hey, it might even be righteous that they should rise in the spring, that all those rules and laws from both are entirely just. But we should still put the cause as being what it is.

The annual spring rise in gasoline prices is engineered.…

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Amazing, Astonishing, Venezuela’s Bolivarian Socialists Do Something Economically Sensible – Charge For Gas

We’ve all spent the best part of a decade wondering at the economic lunacy enacted in Venezuela. It’s so bad that inflation is expected to be 1 million (yes, that’s 1,000,000 %) percent this year. The minimum wage is also the median wage and that appears to be worth $4 a month or summat. It’s really an incredible piece of wrecking in a country with the world’s largest oil reserves. One of the things which has brought it to this pretty pass is the government’s habit of handing out the petrol, the gasoline, for free.…

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Trump Revokes Obama Era Fuel Standards – Excellent, They Were Silly Standards

We’ve yet another of these sensible pieces of political action by the Trump Administration. He keeps this up and we might all have to admit that there’s something to the guy. Alternatively it could just be that having sidelined the activists the adults are now able to make reasonable decisions based upon actual evidence.

That evidence being that the sort of CAFE and the like fuel standards so beloved of the American left are not only a grossly expensive and inefficient manner of reaching the desired goal they’re even counter productive.…

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