Bit Of A Surprise, Glasgow City Council Called Incorruptible

Given the history of one party fiefs in local government the idea that Glasgow City Council is incorruptible comes as something of a nice surprise. Although it should be said that this hasn’t been said as praise, we should still take it that way.

The background is that the female workers there won a big court case. Apparently men working outside in all weathers were paid more than women working indoors with no heavy lifting. This was sexual discrimination and illegal.…

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Glasgow Council Women’s Pay Victory – But What Is Equal Pay For Equal Work?

Glasgow City Council has just lost a large case over the concept of equal pay for equal work – thousands of women have won a 12 year battle over the issue. The problem is that the issue itself doesn’t really make sense. For what is being argued is that work of equal value should be equally paid. But, in a market economy, what is the definition of work of equal value? That’s the problem that needs solving.…

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