Classical Music and Status

From our cultural correspondent in Swindon:


For some businesses, it is the aural equivalent of homeless spikes, deployed to shift or subdue targeted undesirables; for the rich, events like the Proms provide status experiences that will convey bragging rights with fellow have-yachts.  


Meanwhile, the Proms has joined Ascot, Wimbledon and Glyndebourne as a magnet for conspicuous consumption. People who own Royal Albert Hall seats are reportedly reselling tickets, with a pair of stalls seats for the Last Night of the Proms going for about £2,500.

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This Capitalism Stuff Is Hard – VestiVille Cancelled On Opening Day

It is, of course, true as Obama said, that you didn’t build that. No one does in fact produce nor create wealth entirely on their own. And yet the production of wealth is still a difficult thing to do. Most to near all who try it fail to do so. Which is the argument against excessive taxation of the creation of wealth.

Our example today is the VestiVille festival in Belgium. It closed on opening day:

British festival-goers have said they are “devastated” after arriving at a music festival in Belgium to find out it had been cancelled.

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