Why The UK Has A Shortage Of GPs – Solve It By Cutting GP Pay

Given that the general practitioner workforce has been planned by government for the past 80 years we shouldn’t be all that surprised that we’ve a shortage of such GPs. It’s also true that every training place for a GP is full, indeed has multiple applicants.

So, government planning, shortage – we’re surprised, right?

Britain’s GPs are among the best paid in the western world, a major report has found.

The international study shows that family doctors now earn more than three times as much as the average employee.

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Mevagissey’s GP Problem – There’s Just Not Enough Money In A Cornish Fishing Village

Given that this is all just a plot rerun of Doc Martin – perhaps without the unexpected pregnancy or the social incompetence – maybe we shouldn’t worry too much about Mevagissey and its shortage of anyone who actually wants to be the local GP. Sure, OK, usually when talking about Cornwall we’re going to blame everything on the inbred yokels across the Tamar thing but fishing villages don’t suffer from that. Far too many blokes coming in and out on a short term basis for the gene pool to be too small.…

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That Laffer Curve Thing – GP Closures Driven By GP Pensions Changes

So, The Guardian tells us that GP surgeries are closing across the country. In fact, there’s been a surge of such in the past couple of years. Gee, why could that be?

GPs have blamed under-resourcing and recruitment difficulties as surgery closures across the UK reach an all-time high, affecting an estimated half a million patients last year. According to research by the medical website Pulse, 138 surgeries shut their doors in 2018, compared with just 18 in 2013.

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Sure, Why Not Nationalise GP Surgeries Into The NHS?

That a Labour MP wants to nationalise more of the British health care system shouldn’t come as a surprise. All within the state, nothing outside it, the impetus for the National Health Service is indeed Mussolini’s fascism brought to post-war life again. And we should let him do this too. As long as we force him to stick to one of the promises he’s making:

But it isn’t perfect. As data published this week shows, patient demand for general practice services is increasing while the number of GPs is actually falling – according to the survey, one in 10 GPs are in contact with 60 or more patients a day, which is double the safe limit.

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Huzzah For Stupid Ideas – Lifetime Income Super Tax

Again to question that expansion of the universities. Those who wouldn’t be allowed to lecture at the decent ones – the only ones when supply was limited – now appear to be encouraged to think at the modern ones. This does not produce an advance in the quality of thought. As an example, the idea of a lifetime income super tax. The problem identified being that some people have talents, skills, the application, which enable them to make pots of money.…

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The Problem With So Many Female Doctors Is That So Many Doctors Are Female

That women have the freedom to become doctors is great. But that there are female doctors is akin to the problem we’ve got with renewables. Their existence, in any large number, changes the balance of supply and demand in the system. We thus need to change the system in order to accommodate large numbers of either – although obviously enough, we change the appropriate system, not health care to deal with renewables.

This is the point that the Royal College of General Practitioners is resolutely ignoring here:

Nearly every GP surgery is missing a doctor, the Royal College of General Practitioners has warned, as the recruitment crisis reached it worst level on record.

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Here Comes The Cheaper NHS – Babylon Says Its AI Is Better Than A GP

As we’re consistently told we must brace ourselves to pay ever more tax to pay for that Wonder of the World that is the National Health service. It needs real budget rises – faster not just than inflation but than the rate of GDP growth – off into the future for decades. At which rate it will swallow the entire economy of course. We’ve just had a £20 billion promise as downpayment and don’t, for a moment, think that it’s going to stop there.…

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