McDonald’s Unsurprising App Problem – Hackers Can Use It To Buy Free To Them Food

It is indeed true that stealing large numbers of McDonald’s hamburgers is unlikely to make you rich. They’re not exactly a viable currency and despite those stories over the years they tend not to keep well – not a good store of value therefore. But if something can be stolen a useful guide to human beings is that it will be stolen. So it should be entirely unsurprising that a McDonald’s app has been hacked and used to steal food.…

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Beto’s A Hacker – Reuters Sat On Story Until Race Was Over

Beto O’Rourke was a member of a teenage hacking crew. Perhaps the only interesting thing anyone’s ever said about him actually. A Reuters reporter sat on this information during the Senate race against Ted Cruz. Hmm, right, the nation’s press is politically impartial, isn’t it?

Imagine the same basic information being known about Ted Cruz. That he had, as a teenager, been a lawbreaker. This would have been sat upon in a tight Senate race, wouldn’t it?…

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