That New Zealand Treasury Hacking – It Was The Site’s Search Function

We are all aware of what the selling point of technocratic, even social democratic, government is. Put all the bright people into government, give them access to our wallets and watch, amazed, as they solve our problems for us. We might even call this The Courageous State or the like.

Then we have the governments we do in fact have. With little evidence that we’ve attracted the very brightest to the calling.

The alleged “systematic” hack of New Zealand’s budget papers turns out to be nothing more sinister than a bit of internet searching.

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US DOJ’s Absurd Sanctions On Iranian $3.4 Billion Hacking Scheme

There’s no doubt that what was being done here by or on behalf of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was and is illegal. Sure, it’s straight up theft. But it’s also absurd to the point of crazed lunacy to call it a $3.4 billion cyber theft scheme. For what was actually being done was hacking into academic email systems in order to gain free access to the university libraries. Yes, sure, naughty naughty and people shouldn’t do that at all.…

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