Harvard Snowflakes Traumatised By Harvard Lawyer Defending Harvey Weinstein

It is fortunate that these students are still at Harvard for that means that there’s still an opportunity for them to learn something before they are considered educated. For they are claiming to be traumatised by the idea that a lawyer is offering a defence for someone accused of criminal actions. The correct answer here being yes, that’s the damn point of having lawyers, indeed of having trials about criminal actions. So that those accusing can make their accusations clear, those being accused can combat those accusations and through the process we find out whether criminal actions actually happened and if they did who was the criminal acting.…

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Papa Renty and Harvard’s Profits From Photos Of Slaves – Bad Law, For The Photographer Owns Them

That Louis Agassiz held some views which are regarded as both wrong and distasteful these days is true. That he organised for photographs to be taken of some slaves back in 1850, that Harvard currently has those pictures is also true. It is even true that slavery was an appalling blot on humanity and we’re very glad we all got rid of it, even if too late, well over a century ago.

However, all of that doesn’t mean that the descendants of the slaves should have or own the photographs.…

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