Muddying the Waters

Here in our dismal pit, we perked up a bit as we read the following headline in the Grauniad:

Clarity on Burford Capital is needed after Muddy Waters treatment

A bit of background on this. The hedge fund Muddy Waters, which has no connection to McKinley Morganfield, aka Muddy Waters, the blues singer-songwriter—but perhaps it should have—issued a nice little report putting the knife into listed company Burford Capital which caused a huge drop in the latter’s share price.…

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Egregiously Stupid Economics – Markets Require Perfect Information

Calling in from the know nothing side of the economic divide we have Richard Murphy insisting, yet again, upon something that isn’t true. Worse than that he’s insisting upon exactly the opposite of what is true. This isn’t quite the way to get good economic policy suggestions now, is it?

Bizarrely, the whole edifice of capitalism has to be built on trust. In the absence of the perfect information that economists assume exists as the basis for their prescription that markets deliver the optimal allocation of resources within the global economy, trust that the purveyor of any product or service can be relied upon to supply the product as described is essential to the effective operation of markets.

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