But Why Would You Cover A Crucifix For Ramadan?

That we shouldn’t be gratuitously offence to people who believe a little differently from ourselves is simply good manners. Once one of the highest aims of the peoples of these isles, to be good mannered. But it is possible to be excessively wishy washy while attempting to be so.

Take this about a church covering up a crucifix, varied Jesus related things, over Islam and Ramadan. This is really very silly indeed:

A church has raised eyebrows after offering to ‘cover up’ a cross and allow Muslims to say prayers in its building during Ramadan.

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Washington Monthly – It’s Ideology That Explains Islamic Terror Attacks

This is what we must rather assume at least if we are to take seriously the argument on offer here. When a young disturbed white guy goes and shoots a people or two at a synagogue it’s ideology itself, that of white supremacy, that must be considered as the cause. That disgraceful action itself must be considered in the terms the shooter himself is using to explain why he’s doing it.

It’s not a matter of some young men being disturbed and using whatever to hang their disturbance on.…

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Wait, What, Chelsea Clinton Is Responsible For The Christchurch Shootings?

An entry for the Annals of Left Wing Idiocy here. Chelsea Clinton is being accused of responsibility for the Christchurch mosque shootings. No, really, that’s the claim. And of course at one level this is entirely risible. No more than the delusions of a child woman fresh from her grievance studies course.

At another level it’s rather more worrying. Because there are, obviously enough, as a result of that massacre calls for the censorship of what we all might be allowed to say.…

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Conservatives Debate Scandal – Amazingly, Yes, Islamophobia, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, They’re All Still Free Speech

The latest little breeze in a tea-thimble is the revelation that there are groups on Facebook saying things that some other people don’t like. Yes, I know, that’s all most shocking and we are all channelling our inner maiden aunts in response. Except, of course, to merely do that is to miss the importance. For free speech, the very definition of it, is the ability to say things which other people don’t want to have said.…

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Well Of Course Qatar Airways Can Only Be Run By A Man – Heard Of Islam’s Attitude To Women?

OK, this is perhaps not quite accurate as a headline – much of what we call “Islam’s” attitude to women and their place in the home and workplace is actually little to do with Islam. Rather more to do with more basic cultural attitudes, Islam simply being the religion in parts of the world where those attitudes pre-existed and still do so. The segregation of women out of any life beyond the home in Saudi Arabia – to the extent of not being allowed to drive – is much more to do with Saudi Arabia than it is anything about people being Muslim.…

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