Hydra of Labour: Is Russia the beginning of the end for Corbyn?

So there we have it, we finally know what it’ll take for Labour back-benchers to move on Corbyn. They’ve drawn a line in the sand and now they’ll brace for the inevitable consequences of breaking hive rules. Corbyn’s historic affiliations with the IRA didn’t spark sufficient outrage amongst modern born-in-the-90’s Labour supporters, but an attack here and now, on British soil from an unscrupulous superpower has united not just the government, but the British public.

Corbyn and select loyalists on his front bench stand alone in defending Putin, and maybe, just maybe; this time he’s gone too far.…

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Does the Tory establishment fear that Rees-Mogg is their Corbyn?

It’s clear that the wet Tory establishment is not keen on Jacob Rees-Mogg. On the surface that appears to be because he holds robust views that are at odds with theirs: he’s an actual Conservative, and they are, of course, anything but. But I wonder if there’s a deeper fear there as well: do they worry that if Rees-Mogg becomes leader then the party will slip out of their grasp in the way that Labour was taken over by hard-left, Momentum commies?…

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