Whether Or Not Jews Should Fear Corbyn Is A Different Matter

That Corbyn himself seems more than just a little antisemitic is true. Whether he is or not is another matter, he certainly seems it to me. That the anti-zionist shouting matches are really all about Jews and capitalism seems equally obvious to me. There’s a strain of the left that just cannot forgive Israel for not having remained stewed in kibbutznik socialism and poverty. Nor succumbed to that equal poverty of the government controlled economies around it.…

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Owen Jones’ Trenchant Statement Upon Antisemitism In The Labour Party

It’s about time and excellent, of course, to see Owen Jones taking on that disgusting failure of civilised behaviour which is the entrenched antisemitism in the Labour Party:

What Labour members think matters. Their party will be in government. They select parliamentary candidates who go on to vote on legislation and become ministers, and they exert pressure on them through local Labour associations. Jezza will be the nation’s next prime minister but one. So when evidence of racism is uncovered among their ranks, it should be regarded as a national scandal.

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History Surprises Again – Germany’s Jews Weren’t Rich Even As The Nazis Plundered

To plunder a particular section of the population is of course vile. It’s not excused by it being successful. But that Germany’s Jews didn’t actually have an excessive, nor even greater, portion of the national wealth is an interesting finding, no?

Fiscal destruction: Confiscatory taxation of Jewish property and income in Nazi Germany
Albrecht Ritschl 30 May 2019

Germany’s Jewish population share in 1933 was less than 1%. Nevertheless, Nazi propa­gan­da believed in the existence of fabulous riches, with some estimates rising as high as 20% of national wealth.…

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