But Of Course Kamala Harris Is Competent To Run The Country

How can anyone doubt that Harris has what it takes to run the entire country?

Sen. Kamala Harris’ campaign is in deep trouble. The senator was once seen as one of the most promising contenders for the Democratic nomination. Now she seems stuck in the low single digits. And those who know how her campaign has been run don’t seem exactly surprised. The New York Times talked to “more than 50 current and former campaign staff members and allies” who described in detail how the campaign seems to have made one bad decision after another while failing to manage personnel very effectively.

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Kamala Harris Doesn’t Seem To Understand The Racial Homeownership Gap

This is reposted from Medium where it seems to have died a death without any readers:

This isn’t a good start to trying to solve or rectify a problem

A useful guide to being able to solve a problem is to first understand what has caused it. We’ll not, for example, get far trying to treat the general paralysis of the insane with psychotherapy. Nor even psychiatry. A decent dose of penicillin some decades earlier is going to be a better solution to tertiary syphilis.…

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Kamala Harris’ Tax Returns – The Important Ones To See Are 1993 Through 1996

Kamala Harris has just released some 15 years of her tax returns. This is interesting, certainly, and is obviously a little dig at Bernie Sanders and a much larger one at Donald Trump. Except it’s not really all that important, given that this is the period she’s been holding either state-wide in California or national office as a Senator. Both sets of jobs having pretty strict limits on what it is that can be done as an outside economic interest.…

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Kamala Harris’ Teacher Pay Rise – But Education’s Not A Federal Issue

Kamala Harris has decided to float a plan to raise teachers’ pay as part of her bid for the Democratic nomination. Which is puzzling, as she wants to get selected to run for President and K-12 isn’t a Federal issue, it’s a state and local one. So quite why someone running for Federal office should worry about this is unknown. At least, until we examine internal Democratic Party politics, where the Teachers’ Unions are major power brokers.…

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