Mandy Rice Davies Moment – Landlord Against Business Rates

Mandy Rice Davies was the girl no better than she should be who when asked why one of her possible clientele insisted he’d never met her replied “Well, he would, wouldn’t he?” This now being a useful phrase to describe the behaviour of so many.

Like this landlord insisting that really, people who don’t employ landlords really should be paying more tax:

One of Britain’s most high-profile retail landlords has backed calls for higher taxes on online retailers to relieve the pressures of the “out of date” business rates regime on the country’s struggling high streets.

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Grenfell Tower – Perhaps Private Landlords Are A Better Solution Than The Council And Tenants?

It’s a standard mantra of the modern left that democratic and local management systems operate better than the purely impersonal forces of capitalism. This is held to be doubly so in the provision of housing. If local tenants, allied with local politicians, managed and ran the local housing then all would be so much sweeter than some faceless corporation waxing fat off the rents.

Well, yes, and then we’ve got the actual evidence that reality offers us to look at.…

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Southern Cross: Solved

The Southern Cross problem seems to have been solved. Solved in the only logical manner that the Southern Cross problem could have been solved.

At a meeting on Wednesday, Southern Cross, its lenders and the landlords’ committee reached an agreement that “the continuity and quality of care to all 31,000 residents will be maintained and that every resident will continue to be well looked after”.

In a joint statement, the company, its lenders and its landlords said: “The company and the landlords will work towards a consensual solution to the company’s current financial problems, which will be delivered over the next four months.”

The basic problem is simple enough to outline.

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Private Landlords Provide What People Want – Therefore We Must Have No Private Landlords

The logic used over to our left on that political spectrum – given our own stances that’s everyone except thee and me of course – can confuse at times. A useful example being this complaint about private landlords as opposed to their subsidised competitors in the social rental sector.

Into this growing gap between social housing and home ownership the build-to-rent model has given property developers a new way to profit from Generation Rent.


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