UN Insists Women Should Stay Home And Look After Their Babies

This seems a rather career limiting insistence by the United Nations – that women really must just stay home with their babies for the good of the future society. For that is what is being said with this statement that longer maternity leaves are, by definition, good:

UK among least family-friendly countries in OECD, survey finds
League table compiled based on parental leave and childcare levels puts UK in bottom third

The assumption really is that more maternity leave is better.…

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Who Gets The Push Over Others’ Employment Rights?

From our Swindon Correspondent:

So who is going to get the push?

He also talked of hopes for all fathers to have the right to two weeks’ paternity leave at 90% full pay and a change in the law to ensure new or expectant mothers cannot be made redundant during pregnancy or maternity leave.

Hmmm. I can’t help but wonder if this is required because of another government law, the one that allows women to take up to 12 months unpaid leave while their job is kept open for them.…

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How Cute, Chuka Umunna Thinks It’s Actually About Him

There’s politics and then there’s delusion. Sure, to go into politics you have to have a certain confidence, a certain belief that you are indeed The Man. Such confidence not being something Chuka Umunna is short of. Yet it’s entirely possible for such confidence to move off into the realms of delusion.

For Chuka is going to leave the Labour Parry – so it is alleged at least – in order to be The Man who saves the country.…

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The Young Won’t All Vote EU Remain In The Future

One argument floating around the septic tank that is British politics is the idea that the young are more pro-EU than the old. Something which is true as the inexperienced and ill educated are more likely to be wrong about things. But what happens when they grow older? Will they age into the proper attitude of hating the EU? Or is the country doomed to rejoin driven by their delusions?

Fortunately, this has been studied:

The future of pro-EU sentiment in the UK
Barry Eichengreen, Rebecca Mari, Gregory Thwaites 05 November 2018

In the UK’s 2016 referendum on EU membership, young voters were more likely than their elders to vote Remain.…

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The Latest Allegations About Arron Banks And Russian Gold Are Pathetic

It’s becoming rather amusing to read the allegations about Arron Banks and involvement in Russian gold, diamonds and so on. All of which are alleged to be the Kremlin offering him discounted opportunities to make lots of money. Which would then be – so the logic seems to be – funnelled into the Leave campaign. And thus we prove that Russia funded the referendum, we can cancel the result and stay within the European Union.

There are certain problems with this idea.…

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Disastrous Brexit Process Means More Brits Want To Leave EU

The great Remoaner hope is that as we all see quite how difficult Brexit is going to be we reconsider and call the whole thing off. That doesn’t seem to be the way it’s working out. If anything, it’s the other way around. Now that we see how intransigent, silly and bloody minded the EU is more of us want to leave even more. Or, as we might put it, every time Verhofstadt, Juncker or Barnier open their mouths then support for Brexit grows.…

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Today’s Remoaner Claim – The Voters Are Ignorant

We have a varied palette of excuses why Brexit really just should not happen. Various commentators run through the rainbow of reasons over time – each one trying each in turn. So here’s William Keegan with one of the more common. Us voters out here, we’re just too dim and ignorant to know:

In the London Review of Books, political scientist David Runciman, whose views I usually respect, suggests that “a decision to reverse the Brexit vote would … have serious consequences for national prestige”.

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Sure We Can Stop Brexit – But Do We Want To?

We’ve a piece in The Guardian telling us that we can in fact stop Brexit if we’d like to. This is a statement of the bleedin’ obvious of course, sure we can stop it. Parliament votes to stop it and it’s stopped. There would be a certain embarrassment at going to Brussels to point out that it was all a bad idea, a little national mindburp but sure, it could be done.

That’s not the question at all, it’s whether we want to do it:

But for remainers to give up on the campaign to stop Brexit would be wrong on principle, and practically ineffective.

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