Good Old Brexit – The EU Wants To Abolish Theatre Lighting

Most luvvies seem to be Remoaner types these days. Wonder if anyone’s told them what’s going to happen if we stay in, that near all the theatre lights in the country will have to be shut off. I imagine the reaction to that would be only one decibel lower than the screams if greasepaint were to be abolished. But this is what is on the cards:

Britain’s theatre industry is under threat as the European Union plans to ban energy-sapping lighting which could force venues to close.

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China’s GDP Growth At 6.8% Again – Any Way We Can Check This?

We’ve all long known that there’s something screwy about China’s GDP growth statistics. The only interesting question we’ve got is, well, how screwy? For example, if we add up all the provincial figures then we get to something which isn’t in accord with the national numbers. The reason here is that provincial Communist Party cadres gain prominence and promotion from higher growth figures – thus they lie about them. However, the national government isn’t entirely dumb so they already take account of this.…

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Earth Hour, The Annual Celebration Of Killing Off Civilisation

Each and every year I become ever more flabberghasted with the excesses of Earth Hour. That’s the evening when we switch off the lights to celebrate the impending doom of industrial civilisation. Or something like that – the usual plans suggested do mean that at least. So, we all sit and shiver in the dark in order to mimic our forefathers before civilisation which does seem an odd thing to do to raise awareness of that environment said civilisation has saved.…

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