Authors Not Offering Lower Royalties For Waterstones Living Wage

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one at all various non-thinking authors are demanding that Waterstones pay a living wage without varied non-thinking authors actually offering to pay any of it themselves. Now, that does really surprise, doesn’t it?

But that is what they’re doing. Demanding and not offering:

More than 1,300 writers including Kerry Hudson, David Nicholls, Sally Rooney, Michael Rosen and Val McDermid have backed a campaign for Waterstones booksellers to be paid the living wage.

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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Nonsense – The Majority Of Americans Don’t Get A Living Wage

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has insisted that the majority of Americans don’t make a living wage. The vast majority even. Which is nonsense, as the vast majority of Americans are not keeling over from the diseases and starvations of absolute poverty nor destitution. By very definition, given the fact that Americans are living upon their wages, they are gaining a living wage.

But then that’s logic and the subject under discussion is demagogic politics.

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Why Don’t We Just Abolish Tax Poverty – Instead Of This Living Wage Nonsense – Altogether Then?

As we all know there’s much muttering about how low pay should rise, about how there’s some just and righteous minimum that anyone should earn for their labour. That the universe doesn’t work this way, there is no set value to whatever it is that you wish to do with your life, doesn’t matter. The political head of steam has been raised and that’s that.

The correct response is therefore to consider how we do this, not whether.…

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The Living Wage Rises Again – Great, So Let’s Stop Taxing The Poor So Damn Much

One of these things which is truly difficult to understand is the manner in which we’ve a Living Wage – the amount that people should righteously earn for their labour – and yet this amount is something that is taxed. If there is this amount, this righteous and just amount, which people should receive for their labour then that’s the righteous and just amount. Those who would finance diversity advisers don’t get to dip into those paltry sums to pay for their own desires.…

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