If Only The Guardian Understood Things – Something, Anything

It’s the Daily Mash that gave us “The Guardian, wrong about everything. Always” and there is, as we know, great truth in that. This is more than just the usual Gell Mann Amnesia thing, where we read any newspaper article upon something we know about and note that they don’t. Yet by the time we move on to some subject we’re not expert in we assume the newspaper does know about it.

The Guardian manages more than this.…

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Will Peers Have To Declare Their Interests And Incomes From The European Union?

The Lords is talking about tightening up the rules about who must declare what interest in the House. All this Russian and Chinese money that might sway how people vote and all that. You know, as if peers are Facebook adverts.

One interesting question is how are they going to frame the rules in a manner which doesn’t catch the Kinnocks and Mandelsons, those who very definitely are receiving foreign money on a regular basis? Their EU pensions:

Ministers are to launch a sweeping clean-up of public life in an effort to stem the tide of “red money” from Russia and China swirling through parliament, lobbying firms and the City.

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