Paying the School Lunch Debts Isn’t The Point – Making The Parents Give A Toss Is

A school district in Pennsylvania has told parents that if they don’t pay off the debts their kids have run up for school lunches then those kids might be whipped off into foster care. Then a local business type says he’ll pay off those debts but the school district doesn’t seem to want the money.

The point of all of this not being about the money nor the debts at all. It’s most certainly not about wanting to drag all the kids off into foster care either.…

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Glorious Plastics – Minister Clueless About Own Department’s Actions

The current demonisation of plastics is of course just a manifestation of the latest religious mania. There’s little rhyme and no reason to it all. And yet we can still find amusements in it, little stories which illustrate other aspects of life. As with this, where a government minister rails against one such aspect of the use of plastics only to find out that his own department uses plastics in exactly this manner. The point being not anything about plastics but why each and every attempt to plan an economy in detail always does end up as the most abject failure.…

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That’ll Kill The Next Financial Crisis – City To Spend No More Than £50 On Lunch

It is indeed true that we can make a case for prudential regulation of the financial markets. In theory we can at least. The bigger question, the one that all too rarely gets asked, is whether the prudential financial regulation we do get is worth having. The answer there isn’t so clear. Or, if I’m allowed to descend into opinion, it’s obvious that it isn’t.

Take this:

Big financial institutions including Blackstone and Jupiter Asset Management have set strict caps on client lunches in the latest sign that the days of the City’s famously lavish wining and dining could be coming to an end.

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