Matt Hancock’s Really Stupid Idea About Business Rates On The High Street

As we all know there’s stupid, idiot and then politics. The last being the worst because people propose things just because they sound good rather than because they solve – or even understand – the problem at issue. So it is with Matt Hancock’s idea about an Amazon tax to alleviate the rates burden on small shops. The thing being it’s not the tenants of the shops – even the operators of them – that carry the rates burden.…

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Mr Hancock’s Further Tech Idiocy

From our Tech Correspondent:

Every NHS hospital, GP practice and community care service in the country will be given access to a full-fibre – also known as fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) – broadband service as part of the government’s 10-year NHS Long Term Plan, health secretary Matt Hancock has announced. As previously outlined, these include a so-called “digital first” approach to primary healthcare, giving patients the choice of online or video GP consultations, more virtual clinics for hospital outpatient departments and cloud-based record keeping – all in the name of improving efficiency and outcomes within the NHS, backed by more than £20bn “gifted” to the service for its 70th anniversary in 2018.

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The Idiocy Of The NHS – Banning Pagers In Favour Of WhatsApp

This little story perfectly encapsulates the idiocy of the National Health Service. As with it still being the world’s largest buyer of fax machines, the NHS still uses pagers. Rather more than any other extant organisation in fact. We might think this is a not very good idea and we might be right when we think so.

So, perhaps a move away from pagers and off to things like WhatsApp would be a good idea? Quite possibly so, yes.…

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Memo To Matt Hancock – Purges Of Information On Self Harm Don’t Work On The Internet

That the world doesn’t quite work as those who would plan it think it does is of course a commonplace – it’s why that scientific socialism doesn’t work. This is a lesson that Mike Hancock, who is at least nominally a Conservative and thus possibly a conservative, should know. Apparently he doesn’t. For he’s demanding that the social media companies purge all their pages of material promoting self harm and suicide.

If that basic theory isn’t convincing then perhaps what happened to one of his colleagues might have more influence?…

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Social Media Panic – Quick, Do Something, Anything!

Rather too much of politics works upon the following lines. Something must be done, this is something, therefore we must do this. Good and hard.

Whether something must be done isn’t considered enough, the viability of what will be done is rarely considered at all and that’s how we end up with the modern world we have:

Teenagers’ social media usage will be limited to no more than a few hours browsing under new proposals outlined by ministers, it has emerged.

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