America’s Disappearing Middle Class – They’re All Getting Too Rich

It is true – which is something of a first for electoral complaints – that America’s middle class is getting smaller. However, the problem isn’t that people are becoming poorer and thus dropping out of it. Rather, they’re becoming richer and moving on up out of the middle class.

Which isn’t, when you come to think of it, all that much of a problem:

As Mark Perry points out:

Yes, the “middle-class is disappearing” as we hear all the time, but it’s because middle-income households in the US are gradually moving up to higher income groups, and not down into lower-income groups.

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Now The OECD’s Just Blatantly Lying About Poverty

The OECD has a report out about the shrinking middle class and all that. The trick being that they’re not talking about how a goodly portion of the population have incomes now higher than their definition of middle class. Which isn’t, you know, one of those grand problems we’ve got to do something about.

But then in that report they make a point which is simply a flat out lie.

The OECD has also documented that economic insecurity concerns a large group of the population: more than one in three people are economically vulnerable, meaning they lack the liquid financial assets needed to maintain a living standard at the poverty level for at least three months.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Disappearing Middle Class Incomes – It’s A Statistical Lie Folks, That’s All

Senator Elizabeth Warren has decided to treat us all to her insistence that she’d make a really good President of the United States. That’s what her announcement of an exploratory committee means. Essentially, she can collect and spend money exploring the idea of running for the Presidency without actually running for it and thus coming up against campaign finance limits. Isn’t it just so great when those insisting there should be campaign finance limits adhere to the spirit of the law so completely?…

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And The Bourgeoisie Shall Inherit The Earth – Half Of Humans Now Middle Class

This is the one great achievement of the last half century. It is entirely and absolutely astonishing, we’ve just seen the biggest reduction in absolute poverty in the entire history of our species. And it’s not just that people are moving up to that second stale crust a day – we’ve got to where half of all of us now enjoy those bourgeois pleasures of three squares, a change of clothes and a roof overhead. We are actually solving the grand economic question, how do we all get rich?…

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