Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Really Believe In Higher Tax – Not For Him Anyway

Bernie Sanders says that rich people – rich people like him and his wife that is – should pay higher taxes. Bernie Sanders does not voluntarily pay those higher taxes he thinks rich people should pay. He’s thus not really in favour of higher taxes upon rich people, is he?

The thing being something that economists like to point to. There’s a difference between expressed preferences and revealed preferences. In the vernacular, talk is cheap and actions count.…

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Millionaires Have 50% Of The World’s Wealth – This Is Normal, Boringly Normal

A number of newspapers are reporting, breathlessly, the news that millionaires have 50% of the world’s wealth. This is, of course, entire nonsense, nonsense to the point of being complete scrotals. It is only when we narrow it down to the specific definitions that it becomes true, but then when it does become true it’s just boringly normal.

That is, this isn’t news at all, it’s olds:

Personal wealth around the globe reached $201.9 trillion last year, a 12 per cent gain from 2016 and the strongest annual pace in the past five years, Boston Consulting Group said in a report released Thursday.

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