Uganda’s Miss Curvy Contest 2019 Has A Winner – Belinda Nansaasi

A couple of months back there was a little disturbance in the space time continuum as Uganda decided to try to popularise itself as a tourist destination by running a “Miss Curvy” contest. Ample women having, so the local culture has it, ample charms so why not flaunt such to get people coming to the country?

To be sure, feminists didn’t quite see it as that:

Uganda has unveiled a new tourism strategy that focuses on promoting its “naturally endowed nice-looking women”.

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Uganda’s Miss Curvy Contest – Body Positivity Or Exploitation?

It was always obvious that this story about Miss Curvy Uganda was going to make it into The Guardian. It was also equally obvious what the line was going to be. That this is exploitation, a horror unworthy of a civilised country. Which is odd really because the paper routinely insists that fat people are beautiful too. They’ve even been known to run pieces on body positivity. To the extent that the Miss Chubby contest in Paraguay got an approving write up:

‘Not your typical pageant’: Miss Chubby contest embraces plus-size beauty

No, really:

As the lights fades away, ecstatic Luis Colman keeps taking pictures of his wife, who is posing in front of the cameras.

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