Not Producing Evidence Means Your Rape Case Is Dropped – And?

We have a complaint here that an allegation of rape should move forward to a charge of rape without the complainant having to provide the evidence asked for. The correct answer to this being, and?

My sexual assault case was dropped because I wouldn’t hand over my phone

If you’re asked to produce evidence then don’t produce it then why should your allegation go forward?

Eventually my case was dropped because I refused to give the government access to the entire contents of my mobile phone.

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Perhaps The Greatest Mobile Phone Innovation Was Allowing The Poor To Save

Much, but not enough, has been written about how the mobile phone has, and is changing, changed the world. The increase in information flow allows more transactions as a result of completing markets for example. I certainly would argue that a goodly chunk of poor country growth in recent years has come from this one thing. But there’s also something else. One of the things the poor have found dreadfully hard to do is save. No, not in that they’ve not got the surplus they could save, but there’s been no method whereby they could save.

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Brexit And Mobile Roaming – It’s Not Us, It’s Them That’s The Problem

One of the terrors of Brexit is that the ban on excess mobile roaming charges would no longer apply. We could just be charged whatever when we took our phones on holiday!

That the market will regulate, as markets always do, is still left unsaid. And as the market did in fact regulate before the ban. It was entirely possible to get mobile deals with no roaming charges, low ones, pay a little add on for short trips, get stung with whatever costs and so on.…

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Politically Popular Nonsense Is Nonsense – Kids’ Screen Time Edition

One of the problems with democracy is that we, the populace, are subject to either falling sway to fashionable nostrums or to having our knowledge about matters manipulated. We can’t all be experts in everything – no, not even us here – and so we have to rely upon those who are. Which leaves us open to being misled by those who claim to be such experts. Some of whom, how many being a matter of interesting conjecture, will be non-experts just in it for themselves.…

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