Bashir’s Sudanese Cash Pile – What, You Mean A Dictator Was Corrupt?

Our word isn’t this a real surprise? And a turn up for the books. It’s turns out that Omar al-Bashir, the dictator of Sudan, might have been corrupt! Possibly, even, guilty of money laundering. And isn’t that just a flabberghast then?

Suitcases packed with more than £100m have been found by security services at the home of Sudan’s ousted president, it has been reported. Omar al-Bashir is now being investigated over alleged money laundering after the hoard of cash – in US dollars, euros and Sundanese pounds – was discovered while he was under house arrest.

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Government Admits Incompetence – Investor Golden Visas Suspended Over Money Laundering

This is an interesting admission from the current UK government – they’re incompetent. They’ve decided that the investor golden visa system must be suspended over worries concerning money laundering. This is a system whereby rich folks can promise to invest some money in the UK and they get a visa to come to the UK. Seems reasonable enough, we let in the people who make us richer by investing here. The problem is that they’re worried that some of this money might have been stolen, sourced by tax avoidance, all that sort of stuff.…

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