We Appear To Have Hit Peak Antiracism

Being racist is somewhere between just being human – noting differences between groups of human beings – and being a vile little bastard – let’s string up the darkies/Jews/honkies just because they’re from a different group of human beings.

Antiracism varies from being an odd concept – a denial that there are even groups of human beings – and an entirely just and righteous insistence that we must discriminate between individuals when deciding who to string up.…

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Marine Le Pen’s National Front Finds Out Why To Fear State Funding Of Politics

There’s a consistent argument from the usual types insisting that government – you and me as taxpayers – should be funding political parties. There are several arguments against this the most important of which is that when the State decides who can gain the money to do politics then only those who agree with the State will gain the money to do politics. Which really isn’t the point at all, for a useful definition of democracy is that we’re able to get rid of the bastards without a bloody revolution.…

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