No Censorship – Nazi Medals Should Be Legal Holocaust Or Not

Yes, of course we understand where the impulse is coming from here but it’s a bad one, something we shouldn’t do. Nazi memorabilia may indeed be collected by pinheads but it is and should remain entirely legal to both be a pinhead and act like one:

A medal awarded to a Nazi soldier who took five bullets meant for Adolf Hitler has sold for a “world record” price. The Blutorden Blood Order Medal was awarded to Ulrich Graf, who helped protect Hitler when he tried to seize power in Bavaria in November 1923 – an event known as The Beer Hall Putsch.

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Estonia’s Far Right – But Seriously, What’s Wrong With Nazi Economics?

Just for the avoidance of doubt, this is not about being a Nazi. Nor is it about having a rounded and complete view of that abhorrence. It is, only and purely, about Nazi economics, even then it’s about a subset of it. It’s not about paying for everything by raping the rest of Europe, nor systems of slave labour etc. It’s purely about those first few years of the peacetime regime and their economic policies.

Not that this will stop people trying to misquote it.…

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There’s White Supremacy And Then There’s Stupidity

Of course, we’d describe neo-Nazi white supremacy as idiocy anyway but it’s rather nice when they come right out and prove it all over again. One of the splinter groups – they’re all splinter groups really – that makes up the white supremacy movement in the US has just appointed a black guy to be its leader. Not only that, he’s a black guy working as an activist against white supremacy groups. So much so that he seems to have become leader in order to undermine the group:

The new leader of one of the most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the U.S.

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No, You Don’t Get Jailed For Calling Your Baby Adolf – Nor Joseph Or Vladimir

Worth making sure that this story is properly understood. A couple of nonecks called their baby Adolf, a couple of nonecks are heading off to jail. But they’re not going to jail because they called the baby Adolf, that’s not how Britain works. Some other countries do, they have lists of approved names and you’re not allowed to register anything off that list – presumably, eventually, flouting that leading to jail time.

But as we say, that’s not here:

A neo-Nazi couple who gave their baby the middle name “Adolf” in Hitler’s honour have been jailed.

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Nazi Symbols Shouldn’t Be Banned – But If They Are, Why Not The Hammer And Sickle?

It’s true that certain parts of Europe ban the use of Nazi symbols, even any trade in artefacts. Sure, we understand why, even if basic freedom and liberty says they shouldn’t. However, if it is true, as some will insist, that such symbols be banned why isn’t the same true of the Hammer and Sickle? As many and more were killed by that variant of totalitarianism, the different shade of socialism. If the one set of symbols is too horrific to be shown then why not the other?…

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The Difficulty In Distinguishing Between Today’s Labour Party And Hitler’s 1920 25 Point Nazi Program

This is an interesting corollary of Poe’s Law, the difficulty in distinguishing between satire and reality. One of the outlets for the leftier part of the current Labour Party, Labour Hub, had an article up which was quite obviously poking fun at that leftier part of today’s Labour Party. For it was a simple rewrite of some half of Hitler’s 25 point program for the Nazi Party as released in 1920. Essentially, the stuff about race got dropped and everything else stayed in.…

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Syed Kamall’s Right Of Course, The Nazis Were Socialists

There’s a bit of a hint in the name of the Nazi party, the National Socialists, that we can work on. True, what people call themselves isn’t necessarily what they are, vide use of Peoples’ and Democratic in country names – places which say they are aren’t either. But at one level, Hitler definitely said that he was a socialist, Mussolini came from that background at least, Moseley from the Labour Party and so on.

At another, perhaps deeper, level the various fascist parties were, and saw themselves as, in direct competition with those socialists and communists for the support of the working man.…

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Voltaire Didn’t Say It But Free Speech Isn’t Limited By The Truth – Even About Nazis

Voltaire didn’t in fact say that line about not agreeing with you but defending to the death your right to say it. That was actually a line in a play about Voltaire, with his character saying it. But still, it’s a useful definition of what it is all supposed to be about. There are always those who would limit our right to say whatever comes into our pretty little heads and for all sorts of reasons.…

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The Nazi Saluting Pug And The Crowd Funded Appeal

This is, we think, one of those things which all right thinking people should support. The definition here of right thinking not actually being only those who agree that pugs may indeed give the Nazi salute. Nor even those who think that free speech requires that people should be able to say offensive things. Right thinking here means those who agree that pugs may prejudice freely and also those who don’t. Those who insist that free speech means saying anything you damn well want subject only to libel and the incitement of immediate violence and those who, with equal vehemence, insist that anything which upsets people may not, should not, be said.…

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